Park Updates

Just a few items to catch everyone up on Park happenings

The pool will be closing on August 29th

The water in the campground will be shut off September 30th. Please note that the campground will remain open, you will just have to supply your own water. Sewer services will remain functional.

Docs must be removed by September 30th

The clubhouse is going to be repaired and we are currently getting quotes for that project. Our insurance provider has determined that repairing it, rather than replacing, is the cost effective route and so we will. A committee has been formed to oversee the project and any ideas that you’d like to put forward could be sent to us @ for consideration. It will be all spruced up for next season!

As many of you know, Rhonda Bellefeuille has decided to leave our employ and enjoy more time in the sunny south. Julie Williams will be taking her place and will be known to many of you as a local resident in Lafleche, a seasonal camper and from her years working at the Town of Lafleche office. Please give Julie a warm welcome on September 1st!