Golf Course Superintendant

The Golf Course Superintendent position demands a variety of supervisory and skilled tasks in the maintenance and operation of golf course equipment and grounds in order to provide a pleasant environment for golf patrons.

The Golf Course Superintendent reports directly to the Park Operations Manager.


Duties shall include but not be limited to:

  • Plan and organize workloads and staff assignments
  • Oversees and assist in the mowing and maintenance of golf course fairways, rough, greens, tee area, and other open space areas
  • Oversees and assist in the maintenance of sprinkler systems and the repair and installation of sprinkler lines and heads
  • Oversees and assist with the seeding, fertilizing, top dressing, soil conditioning, watering, and the pest and weed control of the golf course.
  • Oversee the routine maintenance of all tools and equipment to assure they are properly maintained and kept in proper working condition.
  • Work with Pro Shop staff in regards to tournament schedule
  • Verify time cards for each pay period and submit to Park Operations Manager
  • Settle departmental disputes and grievances, elevating to Park Operations Manager when necessary
  • Submit requests for golf course improvements or repairs to Park Operations Manager
  • Enforce all safety and health standards
  • Enforce golf course rules

Require WHMIS

Criminal Record Check Required

Send Applications by March 30,2020

Attention: Brent Shenher

Box 520  Lafleche,Sask. S0H 2K0