Seasonal Site Power Bills

Seasonal site power bills will be emailed tonight. Those that don’t have an email on account they will get mailed out tomorrow.

October Regular Meeting

October Regular Meeting date October 18,2021 at 6:30 p.m at the Woodriver Business Center  Main street Lafleche

Member at Large

The municipal board of officials held the member at large selection meeting last night . The board would like to welcome Alison Stobbart-Schultz to the board.

Important Dates

September 27,2021 Marina and boat launch docks will be removed   September 30,2021 Seasonal Site Utilities will be shut off


The yellow truck will be parked by the blue bins for members of the park to put there leaves, grass clippings and branches into. We ask that you please do not put your garbage into the truck. Household garbage is to remain being picked up on Mondays. We ask that […]

Small update:

You will notice the recycle bins have been moved back up to by the shop this is for the fall and winter. In the event that you need to get into the nuisance ground you can call Terry cell Monday to Friday  his number is 306-472-7530 if you cannot get […]