Building permit information

Building Permit Information for cottage and seasonal site holders:
* Approval from inspections can take 5-7 days after all paper work is sent in and nothing else is needed.
*Fees are based on PBI fee schedule every project is different. The only one that the park has set was a $50.00 application fee.
*Please review the By-Law 28-2023 When applying for a permit
*Please be patient this was mandated by the government and we are all learning as we go. It isn’t as simple as getting approved right away like in the past.
*Most projects will need engineered drawings so make sure you inqure about that as well.
*Every project needs approval from the administrator prior to applications getting sent into to PBI.
*Head to PBI website every form that is on there is what is needed every project also has a checklist very user friendly.
*All information and links are also on our Website:
Thank you for understanding!