About Us

The Park is located along the shoreline of the Thomson Lake Reservoir and is named after Dr. L. B. Thomson who saw an oasis on the prairie when others saw an irrigation and stock water project. His vision was grasped by far-sighted residents of Lafleche and Gravelbourg and the seed for Thomson Lake Regional Park was sown.

Needless to say the Park has changed considerably since it officially opened on July 10, 1961.  In the early years the Park was proud of its sand beach, one bathhouse, playground, nine-hole golf course, twelve campsites and sixty four cottage lots.  The lake was originally stocked with rainbow trout and over the years has been supplemented with pickerel, perch and jackfish.  Fishing is popular not only in the summer but also in the winter months.

The 1960 Regional Park legislation was designed for  regional parks to provide recreation facilities for local residents.  As well as amply fulfilling this mandate, Thomson Lake, with all its fine amenities has become a destination park for travelers, campers and golfers .