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Park Updates (Valid as of May 25, 2020)🌅

▪️LETS CAMP ~OPEN for online bookings as of May 15th.
-All bookings must be done online, we will not be accepting phone requests.
-The campground will reserve every other site to accommodate social distancing as recommended by the government.
-Please note that there will be no washroom, laundry or shower services available in the Park, therefore you must be in a self-contained unit which has sewer capacity.
-Tenting will not be allowed.
-Out of province visitors are allowed as there are no restrictions on interprovinvial travel. They as that you self monitor.

▪️SEASONAL CAMPSITE ~Welcome for overnight stays as of May 15th. Both potable and raw water will be available.

▪️LAUNCH MARINA ~The boat launch marina is closed until further notice. Please use the old marina until further notice.

▪️WOOD ~Available for sale. You can arrange drop off by calling the office and prepaying via debit or credit. We will take orders through the day and drop off late afternoon daily.

▪️OFFICE ~OPEN. We ask that payment be made via debit or credit to help ensure the safety of our staff. The hours will be 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at this time.
-The office is available to sell fishing licenses.

▪️FISHING ~Please note that there are no filleting stations available. However, we will be providing barrels for fish “leftovers” at the main filleting shack. Please use these as instead of placing remains in the regular garbage cans as it causes a great deal of difficulty.
-Do NOT discard fish remains on others property.

▪️GOLF COURSE ~They will be taking phone calls beginning at 10:00 that day for tee times on the 15th and beyond.
-Your memberships and bookings can be paid via debit or credit.
-The clubhouse will not be open to foot traffic.
-Tees times will be every 12 minutes beginning at 8:00 a.m. and the final tee time will be 8:00 p.m.
-Carts can be rented but we will not be selling merchandise at this point.

We will provide further updates as we can, including the opening of the clubhouse, modifications to any hours, etc.

Our staff is working very hard to provide the information you need and the services that we can while following all the government guidelines.

Thanks to those who have provided positive feedback, it really helps in
these trying times! 😁