ClubHouse Update

Our temporary solutions for the 2019 season are coming together quickly!

We have a rented kitchen arriving next week from Mobile Kitchens Canada, which will be attached to the new dining room. Gillette can now finalize the application for the liquor license and get things ordered in from suppliers. The kitchen likely won’t be operational until June 1st, but we all know that when it is the food will be great.

You may have noticed a whole bunch of hardworking folks bringing together a facility to house us, they are doing an amazing job and things seem to be speeding along. They are the Langman Contractors crew, stop by and say hi – just remember to bring them goodies if you do!

Fawn will have an office next week, it’s coming from Minards in Weyburn so she and her team will soon be wired up and ready to take your membership payments. We do need internet hook-ups and power first, so will advise of an actual start date soon.

As far as the old building is concerned, we still do not have answers from the insurance company as to the direction they are taking. Will it be fixed or removed, we’ll let you know when we do.

That’s all of the information we have for now, updates will be posted as they become available.


April 23 to April 29 we will accept early camping registrations if you are registering a child in swimming lessons.

In order to book camping during our early week you must be registering a child in swimming lessons.

Swimming Lesson Registration with Early Camping is now limited to  TWO WEEKS.

We will be accepting these registrations and early camping from 10 am to 3 pm

Forms are available under the pool tab on our website.

Clubhouse 2019 – Update April 13, 2019

We are continuing to work with our insurance company with respect to the clubhouse claim.  It is apparent that this will not be a speedy one.  They will be sending out an appraiser to prepare an estimate on the extent of the work required to repair the damage to the existing structure.  Once we have that information the board will have to decide whether to repair or put the money for repairs toward a new building.  This is not going to transpire in time for the upcoming season, so our goal is to get rental portable units in to get us through this season.   We have business interruption coverage which will help us to get this accomplished.  Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to have the golf course operational for the beginning of May and some type of kitchen and dining space as well.  Thank you to those who have reached out and offered their help to assist us with the situation we find ourselves in.  We also appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process

Swimming Rates and Information is now available for 2019.

Swimming Registrations will begin April 23, 2019

Swimming/Camping Early Registration will be held April 23, 2019 to April 29, 2019  New Rules regarding Early Camping Registrations will apply.  Paid swimming registration.  2 week maximum booking.

On Line Camping registrations will being May 1, 2019