Trying to navigate the pathway through the rules regarding Covid19 regulations, allowable activities and dates has been – to say the least – frustrating for us and for our patrons.
We have been attempting on a daily basis to get clarification from the Saskatchewan Regional Park Association – with little success. Some regional parks now believe that they are not required to follow government guidelines and are planning to open earlier than June 1st. Others are going with provincial regulations.

We are putting everything on pause until someone provides us with a firm and final decision. We should be able to expect that with 80 plus regional parks in the province, there is a government plan being developed for roll out ASAP. As soon as we know, you will as well.

If you have further questions or comments in the meantime, please address them via email to our office.
our email is
Sask Regional Parks number is (306) 975-0857

COVID-19 Update

At last nights meeting April 13,2020 the Board of Directors, decisions were made regarding this seasons opening and services.
Firstly, we are following the governments lead regarding golf. Unfortunately at this point they are mandating courses not open. We are hopeful that this will change and will be ready if and when it does. For the protection of our staff, we ask that no one use or walk the course at this time. We trust that everyone will abide by this government directive.
Secondly, the seasonal sites will be accessible as of May 15th. We are unable to provide any services other than garbage pickup and wood sales. Water and Sewer will also be on to the campsites
The washrooms and laundry are closed, the playground is off limits and we will not be renting any equipment for mini golf or pickle ball.
Thirdly, we are tentatively going to be opening our reservation system for daily camping on
June 1st. This will be done with a full explanation regarding our inability to guarantee the opening of the campground until we receive permission from the government. The swimming lessons will also be booked, again with a caveat about possibly not opening. Details will be posted on our various platforms as soon as information is received.
The marina will be in place prior to the May opening, so at least there’s fishing!
Decisions regarding the pool will be made at a later date, we believe that the government will be providing direction on pools in the near future.
All of these decisions have been made with the safety of our staff at the forefront as well as out park users the direction received from our political leaders. They are subject to change at any point as new information is received. We ask that everyone who attends the Park respects the decisions that have had to be made and we hope that all services will be available soon.
Thomson Lake Regional Park Board