Swim Lesson Dates and Camping Dates:

If you have questions or concerns please contact the office by phone 306-472-3752 or email tlrpark@gmail.com
People who are booking camping and swimming lessons can do so April 19th to 23rd. There are no early booking prior to these dates.
Let’s Camp Opens up May 1
First Session July 5-16
Second Session July 19-30
Third Session you will see it being a bit different we are offering two one-week sessions you can do both if you choose to but being the numbers are smaller, we are going to try this.
August 3-6
August 9-13.
This is also tentative depending on COVID-19 restrictions at that time.

Reminders for the new year

*NEW* EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1,2021 At the board meeting September 14,2020 there was a decision made that due to garbage overload and stress on our nuisance ground each cottage will be limited to 3 garbage bags a week and must weigh under 40lbs. or it will not be picked up. For any additional bags you can purchase a tag for $5.00 and place it on your additional bag(s).
*NEW* EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1,2021 Branches and leaves will no longer be picked up in the cottages you must drop off at the nuisance ground. Starting April 1,2021 days will be Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00-4:00pm. THIS IS FOR BRANCHES AND LEAVES ONLY GARBAGE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
*NEW* Raw Water Charge EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1,2021
There will be a new charge added to your annual billing that is for raw water for seasonal sites and cottages. This is to help with pump repairs and costs to the line. The charge will be $30.00, and you will see it on your fees for the year which will be billed out in January/February. Only to those that have a raw water tap