Attention Golf Cart Drivers

We ask that you stay on the cart paths preferably  and us the roads if you need to but follow proper road speed and respect. .We ask that you don’t make any roads through trees or grass areas. This is becoming a hazard people driving through trees and onto the main road without looking.The cart path has stop signs we ask that you do abide by them stop and look both ways for oncoming traffic.


We ask that anyone who may have a complaint to fill out the complaint form, it can be found on this website or contact the office for one.  If you have a specific complaint we ask that you fill out details so we can follow up with the complaint. There are no names mentioned when contacting the person(s) on whom the complaint maybe on.
If you can be date and time specific that would be great. We ask that these complaints either be dropped off or emailed to the office.
We also ask that all complaints come through the office
Thank you!


On Sunday, July 12th there was a Public Service Announcement indicating increased activity of Covid-19 in communities in the South West. The Public Health Inspector for the South would like to reiterate the importance of diligent precautions such as hand hygiene and mask usage. If you are ill, please stay home. Stay safe!

Clubhouse open TODAY!

We are excited to FINALLY open our Clubhouse kitchen today, July 3rd. The hours will be 12-8pm, Tuesday to Sunday (Closed Mondays) for takeout only. We will use the door on the North side of the building. Please use the hand sanitizer provided and staff will inform you of any other Covid-19 protocols. We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we get our brand new kitchen up and running. A reminder that there are no public washrooms inside the building. Alcoholic beverages purchased from the clubhouse must be consumed on the golf course or the patio. Please call 306-650-7455 to place your order.

Thomson Lake Clubhouse Takeout Menu
Open 12-8pm Tuesday to Sunday
Hand Cut Fries $6
One Pound Chicken Wings $12
Frank’s Red Hot, Buffalo, Salt & Pepper, Honey Garlic, Pineapple Curry
Chicken Fingers with Salad $14
Chicken Fingers with Fries $12
Dipping Sauces: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey Dill, Honey Mustard,
Sweet & Sour
Mixed Green Salad with Fruit, Feta, Candied Walnuts,
Red Onion, Balsamic Dressing
Large $12 Small $6
Mixed Greens Salad with Tomato, Black Olives, Feta, Red Onion,
Croutons, Herb Vinaigrette
Large $12 Small $6
Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich$5
Water, Pop, Orange Juice, Gatorade$3
Beer, Coolers, Wine, Mixed Drinks$5

Alcoholic Beverages Must be Consumed on Premises
Call 306-650-7455 to Order

Driving Range

Thomson Lake Regional Park Driving Range


Although we want everyone to enjoy the Driving Range facilities, safety is our #1 priority. Below are some key regulations that are enforced by our staff to ensure the safety of all patrons:

  • One person per stall. Spectators must stand on the walk-way behind designated tee boxes while golfers are swinging.
  • Only use the designated marked areas for teeing off
  • Be aware of neighbouring players Never practice outside of your designated stall.
  • Align all golf shots towards the practice field.
  • Please advise the golf staff if you witness any abnormal activity/misconduct on the golf course or in the designated practice areas.
  • Patrons using the Driving Range practice areas do so at their own risk. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in being asked to leave the facility.
  • There is absolutely ZERO tolerance for miss use of the driving range.