2019 Seasonal Site Available

The 2019 Seasonal sites available

Instructions to enter your name in the lottery are as follows:

Send an email to  tlrpark @gmail.com  with your name and contact information including an email address and a telephone number where you can be reached on the day of the lottery.   The lottery draw will be held on April 26, 2019.  Within your email please indicate which sites you are wanting to enter the draw for.  It is important that we can reach you on the day of the lottery in order to verify that you are prepared to sign the lease agreement.


The sites available will be:

Gopher Hollow 18

Wisteria Lane 21 –  wood shed

Gopher Hollow 1 – deck, awning and shed

Wisteria Lane 7 – deck, shed, trees

Meadows 4 – shed and deck

Wisteria 11 – shed, dog pen, fire pit, patio blocks

Lilac Lane 10 – partial fence, steel shed and deck asking $5000

Thomson Lane 5 – shed


The improvements on each site are the property of the previous lease if you are the winner of a lottery site with improvements on it,  your contact information will be shared with the previous leasee and a 30 day period will be granted for the transfer of these improvements.  If the improvements are not to be purchased the 30 days is allowed for the removal of the improvements.