Lets Camp & Swimming Lesson Registration Updates-Early Booking Opens (April 19th-23rd)

Lets Camp & Swimming Lesson Registration Updates 🌅
Early Booking Opens 🔜 (April 19th-23rd)
1. Fill out the fillable swimming lesson forms (links below).
2. Save and send forms to tlrparkpool@gmail.com
3. Book your camp site by calling 306-472-3752 between April 19th-23rd (9:00a.m.-4:30p.m.)
Note: If swimming lesson forms are not received within 24hrs of booking, site will be cancelled automatically and subject to cancellation fees!
*We highly recommend sending swimming lesson registration forms/passes early to avoid cancellation!
▪️NO swimming lesson registrations will be taken over the phone.(This will eliminate wait time to book sites.)
▪️Please have requested site, dates and credit card information ready when booking!
▪️We will NOT be taking payments for swimming lesson registrations at this time.

Driving Range

Driving Range will be open starting tomorrow April 1. Someone will be down there selling tokens $5.00 cash between 1:00-1:30.
Can only buy tokens in that time.
Starting April 6 you will be able to buy your tokens at the front gate until the golf course opens.

Swim Lesson Info:

People who are booking camping and swimming lessons can do so April 19th to 23rd. There are no early booking prior to these dates.
Let’s Camp Opens up May 1
First Session July 5-16
Second Session July 19-30
Third Session you will see it being a bit different we are offering two one-week sessions you can do both if you choose to but being the numbers are smaller, we are going to try this.
August 3-6
August 9-13.
This is also tentative depending on COVID-19 restrictions at that time.

Library/DVD Exchange

NEW for 2021. For the young and old We are going to be trying a book library and DVD exchange program We will have a library box outside the new gathering building by the ball diamonds to take a book and leave a book. We will be doing the same with DVDs. If anyone has any they would be interested in donating we would gladly add to the library. Hopefully this goes well this year. And we can have for years to come.
We will post more details on place for drop off once we have it all planned. Thank you everyone